Since inception in 1980, 1st Products, Inc. continues its firm commitment to innovative turf and agriculture equipment, quality manufacturing and customer service.

With products like the Universal AERA-vator, VERTI-cutter, MULTI-drill, and C-7000 Module Spears, they’ve remained leaders in the turf and agriculture equipment industry. 1st Products stands behind each and every one of our machines and guarantees your satisfaction in every piece we sell. From better ways to aerate and remove thatch to more efficient seeding and fertilizing, their versatile, made-on-site equipment gets the job done.

Golf course superintendents, sports field and grounds personnel, landscapers and farmers all benefit from the artisan-quality manufacturing 1st Products maintains. Their team is dedicated to ensuring their equipment provides reliable and efficient solutions for our customers – 1st Products ensures client satisfaction by providing the right tools for maximum success.