Orange County Criminal Defense Lawyer, Stephan DeSales uses

Leave no stone unturned in your case with help from Orange County criminal defense lawyer Stephan DeSales. Located in Fullerton, California, we add a critical piece of defense in the form of a licensed private investigator. DeSales has over 44 years experience in OC criminal defense. He knows it is absolutely essential to have an experienced investigator assigned to reverse engineer the prosecution’s case. It is a reliable way to insure vital facts associated with your case have not been overlooked. Remember, knowing how to fish is simply not enough, you must know when and where. The PELICAN is your agile solution to locate, identify, verify and document all facts of your case.

Private Investigator

We utilize PELICAN RESEARCH, an independent investigator, for assistance in all State and Federal criminal cases. The results of this partnership has enabled the DeSales Law Corporation to streamline response to all our clients needs. In the end, 44 years of experience coupled with a dedicated private investigator ensures the prosecution will have its hands full

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