Water is one of our nation’s most precious commodities. Water management begins with a quality design and intelligent, efficient products that optimize every drop from pump station to sprinkler. Turf Equipment & Irrigation recognizes that water, energy, and labor must be managed properly to optimize a turf care facility.

Turf Equipment & Irrigation full time field irrigation technicians have over 75 years of experience dedicated to keeping our golf customers’ systems running every hour of every day. We not only support every Toro golf irrigation product, new and old, but we also represent a host of other irrigation related allied products as well. We have the very finest Toro water management technology supported by the most experienced golf irrigation team in Florida. Turf Equipment & Irrigation makes it easy for clubs that want to upgrade computer software, satellite controllers, radios, heads, valves, or install Turf Guard sensors.

Golf Irrigation
Turf Equipment & Irrigation provides service agreements for controllers, satellites and everything in between for your golf irrigation systems. Turf Equipment & Irrigation has a dedicated team of experts who can assist your crew with the most troublesome issues. If you are ready for a full renovation or only want to re-pipe a few holes, we have a full time dedicated person with a state of the art CAD system for golf and grounds irrigation designs. We can help coordinate your entire project by assembling the right financing, allied products, and contractors. Every irrigation head can be mapped with our GPS technology. We also provide water audits, system operation checks, and grounding tests.

Turf Equipment & Irrigation’s experienced irrigation staff can help with any size irrigation project whether it is a new golf course, sports field complex or simply adding to an existing system, we have the expertise to help. We can co-ordinate your project with our design department, provide financial solutions, and provide the products and contractors to make your project a success. Our complete line of products include Toro Irrigation, pump stations, Paige wire, PVC pipe & fittings, HDPE pipe & fittings, ductile iron fittings, irrigation supplies, and valve boxes. Give us a call and find out why we’re regarded as the industry’s best!

Turf Equipment & Irrigation is the authorized sales and service agent for Flowtronex and is a registered FlowNet service facility. In addition to Flowtronex pump station products we service competitive station brands of all shapes and sizes. Our full time FlowNet associates are dedicated to providing service in Central and North Florida as well as Southern Georgia. We can include hassle free monthly maintenance contracts with a new sale or provide a contract on an existing unit. Our service team is on call 24 hours a day to respond to any and all pump station issues. Dead greens are far more expensive to replace than a routine pump check.

Pump station troubleshooting and maintenance can be complicated. Turf Equipment & Irrigation Turf offers comprehensive monthly maintenance service contracts. Our team of certified Flowtronex technicians provides the assurance that your pump station will operate as promised for the life of the equipment.
We can include these contracts directly into the purchase price of the unit or add it to an existing system.