Aerothatch 83

  • 48″ (1.2m) cultivation swath
  • Durable 90hp (67.1 kw) rated gearbox
  • 3-inch spacing standard, optional kit reduces to 1-inch spacing
  • Connect Seeder 93 for single-pass thatching and seeding


The Aerothatch 83 delivers exceptional relief from thatch and compaction. Its 90 hp rated gearbox helps it withstand the most rugged conditions and provides a long life. The Aerothatch features 16 durable thatching blades, spaced 3-inches on center that can achieve depths to 3 inches. A 1-inch on center thatching blade kit is available for more aggressive aerating. Pair the Aerothatch 83 with the Seeder 93 for efficient one-pass overseeding.


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