Drip Bubblers

  • Pressure-compensating to 2 and 4 gph over a range of 5-50 psi
  • Easily threads on to a ½” threaded riser. The self-sealing screen eliminates the cost and labor of having to use plumber’s tape on every riser
  • Self-cleaning mechanism flushes at every startup, ensuring reliable operation and fewer maintenance headaches
  • Commercial-grade plastic and chloramine-stabilized silicone diaphragm provide dependable UV- and chemical-resistant performance in the least forgiving of environments


Toro’s pressure-compensating 1/2” threaded Drip Bubblers are built to perform in tough environments. Bringing commercial-grade ruggedness to drip irrigation, they’re easy to install, virtually maintenance-free, and are a more robust alternative to traditional drip emitters connected to 1/4” tubing. The innovative design of these Drip Bubblers combines the low flow rates of drip emitters with the ease of 1/2” PVC riser installation.


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