Drip Zone Valve Kits

  • Kits with the popular EZ-Flo® Plus valve or TPV valve are perfect for residential and light commercial applications, while kits with the 700 Series UltraFlow valve provide the rugged durability required in commercial and institutional applications.
  • Toro’s Y-Filter offers superior performance with a 150 mesh stainless steel screen filter to assure clog-free operation.
  • Pressure regulator prevents emitter blow-outs.
  • Less valve kits also available.


Pre-packaged and ready for installation – Toro® Drip Zone Valve Kits are specially designed for low-volume drip applications and provide everything you need for drip zone automation. With no need to specify or purchase separate parts, Toro Drip Zone Valve Kits are sure to meet your landscape drip irrigation needs.


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