FLEX800™ B Series Golf Rotors

  • FLX35B with Trujectory adjustment from 7°-30° and DT models with dual settings of 25° or 15°
  • The industry’s largest selection of precision nozzles from 25′ to 90′ (7.6 – 27.4 m) radius applications
  • One sprinkler for every location on the course-these unique sprinklers can be a full circle
  • Small exposed diameter minimizes the appearance of the sprinkler


The FLEX800™ B Series golf sprinkler family brings you all the great features and performance of the FLEX800 35-6, 34 and 35 Series sprinklers in a more economical body package specifically designed for block systems. With its rugged golf body design, small exposed surface diameter, flanged body for stability and check valve these sprinklers are perfect for every golf application.


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