Jacobsen TR-3 Ride On Reel Mower


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Jacobsen TR-3 Ride On Reel Mower

The TR-3 is a world class climbing triplex cylinder mower. It hugs contours with ease and leaves a Jacobsen quality of cut on even the steepest of hills. On-demand traction control and reliable braking on uneven terrain allow operators to mow with confidence.

  • Three-Wheel Drive – Parallel-series traction system maintains traction to two wheels preventing slippage on all areas of your course.
  • Oil-Immersed Maintenance Free Parking Brakes – Reliable brakes delivering safe braking on even the steepest slopes.
  • 26 hp Kubota® Diesel Engine – Power to handle the most difficult cutting conditions. It provides smooth acceleration and is quiet to operate.
  • Proven Tri-King® reels – Heavy-duty cylinders/reels deliver exceptional quality of cut year after year.
  • Unique All-Out-Front Design – The driver has an unobstructed view of the cutting path. Plus, you don’t have to sit on a hot engine all day long.

Location: Boise, Idaho


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