New Generation Emitters (NGE®)

  • Uniform flow rates make the NGE ideal for use in difficult topographical conditions.
  • A self-flushing feature ensures the emitter is free of debris during operation and shut-down while the anti-siphon feature protects against back siphoning.
  • Unique emitter design and pressure compensating diaphragm stops the emitter from draining below 2-3 psi (.1 – .2 BAR), preventing complete drainage of the system, reducing the time required to refill the system at start-up improving the overall operation.
  • The NGE stands as one of the industries top performing pressure-compensating emitters with a coefficient of variation of 3% or less, as tested by Toro and independent labs.


Designed for demanding drip irrigation installations, the Toro New Generation Emitter (NGE) has what it takes to keep your system flowing. Through its unique design and pressure-compensating diaphragm, the NGE provides unmatched clogging protection.


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