Sand Pro® 2040Z

  • 12.2 hp (9.1 kW) Kawasaki® gas engine
  • Belt Driven Independent Infinitely Variable Transmission
  • Ground Speed – Forward: 0-12 mph (0-19.3 km/h) Reverse: 0-4 mph (0-6.4 km/h)
  • Zero-Turn Power Steering with Independent Control Sticks


The Sand Pro 2040Z mechanical rake is unlike anything else in the marketplace; a zero-turn mechanical groomer delivering unmatched maneuverability and productivity. This unique machine is a daily bunker rake that will reduce labor costs for both mechanical and hand raking of bunkers and infields. A brand new “flex” raking system with the patent-pending “lift in turn” feature enables an operator to turn tightly in bunkers without leaving unraked teardrops or tire marks.


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