Toro RollcarT™ Traveling Sprinkler

  • Variable Speed – Adjustable travel speed allows the RollcarT to be dialed in to meet the specific needs of the turf.
  • Auto Shutoff – To eliminate water waste and over-watering, the RollcarT will stop irrigation and traveling once the guide cable has been fully retracted and the pass/cycle is complete.
  • Ease of Maintenance – Encased in a sealed gearbox, the drive gears have a very low friction factor and are practically maintenance free.
  • Flexible – A guide cable length of over 350 feet presents a wide range of applicable settings.


The Toro RollcarT™ offers a cost-effective, easy-to-setup solution for irrigating sports fields, golf course roughs, and other large, open turf areas where an underground irrigation system is not installed or impractical. The RollcarT is hydraulically powered and travels the length of the field while applying consistent irrigation through the top-mount long radius impact sprinkler. The RollcarT travels along its integrated high-strength guide cable, and automatically shuts off the flow of water once it has reached the end of the line.


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