TS120 Series Impact Sprinklers

  • Synthetic or Natural Turf applications – The TS120 Series Nozzles offer excellent water distribution and radius capability, giving the TS120 sprinkler the ability to meet the needs and expectations of groundskeepers of both Synthetic and natural Turf fields.
  • Flexibility and Ease of Use – A Full Circle rotation speed of 60 seconds and easy tool-free arc adjustments allow flexibility in field design and irrigation schedules to best meet the needs of the site. All sprinkler parts can be dismantled and serviced from the top, limiting the need for digging or sub-surface access*.

    *Top Serviceable VIH models available in June 2018

  • Top Serviceable Valve-in-Head* – Electric Valve-In-Head (VIH) models feature ON/OFF/Auto control at the top of the sprinkler and provide individual control of each sprinkler to help ensure optimal performance and ease of maintenance.
  • Durable and Versatile – With the ability to operate on reclaimed and grey water systems, the robust and heavy-duty design makes the TS120 insensitive to many environmental conditions, such as frost and sand.


The TS120 Series Impact Sprinkler is capable of achieving long-range throws of up to 125 feet, making it well suited to meet the needs of both Synthetic and natural Turf sports fields. Available in Part Circle and Full Circle models, the TS120 can be configured with a factory-installed 4” TurfCup™ that helps to seamlessly blend the sprinkler into natural Turf surfaces and preserve field aesthetics. Combining a wide assortment of Nozzle options with low maintenance requirements and heavy-duty construction, the TS120 Series Impact Sprinkler is well positioned to help you preserve everything that makes your field unique.


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