Workman® HD Series

  • Up to 32.5 hp (24.2 kW) Kubota® gas engine or 23.3 hp (17.4kW) Kubota® diesel engine
  • On-demand, 4WD or standard 2WD
  • Ground Speed – 20 mph (32 km/h)
  • Total Capacity up to 3,351 lbs. (1,520 kg) Towing Capacity of 3,500 lbs. (1,587 kg)


You can’t get more hauling capacity, versatility, or bang for your utility vehicle buck than you can with a Toro Heavy-Duty Workman. With an I-beam axle that’s seven times stronger than a tubular design, a bed that hauls up to 3,352 pounds (1,520 kg), and an electronic fuel-injected engine that makes every gallon go farther, it’s the highest performing utility vehicle on the market today. With the HDX Auto, training operators how to use a manual transmission is no longer needed.

Configuration Options:

  • Workman HD Gas Powered
  • Workman HDX 2WD Gas Powered
  • Workman HDX 4WD Gas Powered
  • Workman HDX-D 2WD Diesel Powered
  • Workman HDX-D 4WD Diesel Powered
  • Workman HDX Auto – Automatic Transmission


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