Since 1979 SALSCO, INC. has built its record on quality and service.

SALSCO manufactures Gas and Electric Greens Rollers, Core Recovery Vehicles, Leaf Vacuums, Strawblowers, Wood/Brush Chippers, (PTO and Engine Driven up to 18” capacity), Chipper Shredder Vacuums, Shavings Mills & Re-Sizers, Slab Chippers, Curbing Machines, Pavement Routers, Side Dump Buckets, narrow-width Asphalt Pavers,  Bale Wrappers and Grabbers.  SALSCO has built its reputation over the last 35 plus years, by listening to our customers. The entire SALSCO team takes pride in producing equipment that allows our customers to meet their goals more efficiently and with less down time.

As SALSCO celebrates over 40 years in business, they employ over 70 people, and market over 40 products.  In-house salespeople and over 200 dealers and sales reps distribute SALSCO products worldwide.  Plans for expansion and new products are always in the works as the company looks forward to its next 40 years and beyond.