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Our Son was charged with 5 felonies… We were in big trouble until someone felt sorry for us and recommended Stephen DeSales. After our first meeting my wife and I knew he was going to get us through the nightmare. He will fight for you until the very end, He will not give up…. End result, all felonies dismissed. He pled guilty to a minor misdemeanor. DeSales even got that removed from his record. So in the end everything was dismissed. THANKS MR. DESALES!!\

Posted by Kent, a Criminal Defense client.

DeSales Delivers!!

Highly recommended, especially in Orange County, Fullerton area. Steph is honest and kick ass – he does not back down, and instead fights, or negotiates with the DA, and knows how to strategize. Recently negotiated my probation removal, and this guy can take on the biggest cases including RICO, and other Federal charges.

Posted by a Criminal Defense client.

Defended and negotiated great terms, Removed Probation Early!!

Mr. Desales represented one of my family members in a criminal matter. He did an outstanding job in resolving the case and the outcome went well beyond my expectations. I must add that the resolution also served the justice system well. It was both compassionate and just, for which I have to thank Mr. Desales. He understands the legal system and he very apparently has a good rapport with the justice system community, which allows him to work out reasonable and just solutions.

Posted by Kurt, a Criminal Defense client.

Thank you Mr. DeSales

Mr. DeSales is honest and straightforward. He will review your case, tell you what he could do and then do what he promised. If you hire him to represent you he is a no BS kind of man and knows the court and everyone in it!

Posted by Edith, a Criminal Defense client.

Mr. DeSales will fight to the end – and, most likely, WIN

Steph worked tirelessly on my case for nearly two years requiring no less than 37 court appearances. He did a great job and never gave up until the job was done. I recommend him without reservation to anyone charged with serious criminal charges.

Posted by a Criminal Defense client.

Capable and experienced

He is a great attorney! I was sentenced and was doing time, he got probation dropped and ran concurrent. He is awesome, he will work hard for you. And believe me he is honest about your case. He saved a friend of mine first from doing life. Charges dropped I called him in desperation on my word and he went to court and saved my closest friend. Then he helped me. He is right on and never dances around how bad it is. He’s great!!

Posted by Sandy, a Criminal Defense client..

Sandy in La Habra

Steph is amazing. I was referred to him by a close family friend. He kept me on the pulse of what was going on and not for a moment did I feel I was vulnerable to any situation. Mr. DeSales handled all three of my cases flawlessly. I continue to have a client relationship with him over three years. Call him today, he is truly the best attorney in Southern California.

Posted by a Criminal Defense client.

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